31 January 2010

Macarons. Disappointment.

I was buying myself a Nike+ Sportband recently and noticed that the store was right near the Rosedale version of Petite Thuet. I had heard that the shop had excellent macaroons (macarons) and so of course, we had to stop in and have a taste...

They looked promising...

Lite little macarons stuffed with some sort of buttercream or frosting, but alas. And they had vanilla, my absolute favorite. I purchased two vanilla and one pistachio (G's fave) and we headed home to try them out.


Double sigh.

My sighs are not of delight, alas, but disappointment. While G found the pistachio macaron satisfactory, the vanilla was absolutely not. The top did not have enough "crust" and the cookie was devoid of real vanilla flavour. Instead, it was just an extremely sweet soft cookie with a whipped cream tasting middle. Which isn't to say it wasn't good, it was delightful, but just not the dreamy macaron of my trip to Laduree.

BUT, on that note, I did buy a macaron book to learn to make my own So, some weekend after our vacation I will definitely give it a go and post the results here. Until then, I will dream about the macaron if I can't hold it tonight.


Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Chabichou have nice macarons...

I was also on a quest to learn how to make these and attended a workshop in Paris over Christmas:


and then applied what I had learnt with success!


Hope some of these tips can help you!

G said...

wow that was some serious macaron action Mardi!!

Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Serious macaron action indeed. I have been obsessed with those little babies since I lived in France for years (ages ago before they were so trendy!). 2010 is the year of the macaron on ELTW!

dynagrrl said...

Wow, Mardi! That looks amazing! I may email you when I embark on my first try!!!


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