28 January 2010

Were we talking about chicken?

Honestly, I could eat chicken three meals a day every single day. I absolutely love it. It cannot be a coincidence that my two favorite Weight Watcher frozen dinners are the chicken quesadillas and the chicken fajita pizza (which I had for lunch three times last week!!!). I know G thinks I am crazy because of the sheer frequency of chicken breast recipes in this house, but she's slowly coming to embrace it...

For instance. While away visiting my family, G made some Jamaican goat curry, which she posted about right here on this very blog. She had LOTS of the curry mix leftover so one evening for dinner, she made a chicken curry with the Jamaican curry sauce...

She threw in some carrot and potato (because it just makes ya happy) and served it over rice. DELICIOUS! It was a really different tasting curry from the Indian and Sri Lankan curries we normally eat, milder in some respects, but with a back kick that was delicious. (And G rocks because while she made the curry sauce, she also figured out the weight watcher points in the recipe builder! It's low point!)

I highly recommend this and you should run out and make G's recipe and make some of your fave curry with it... veg, chicken, beef, you name it. It's yours. Go, I'll be here when you get back! :)

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