10 January 2010

Work Potluck Party.

The week between Christmas and New Year's was very short this year. Monday and Friday were holidays, and my boss graciously closed the office at 1:00 on New Year's Eve, so the work week was short and sweet. A couple of years back, I organized a potluck that occurred during this week, and it was such a success that this year, I brought the tradition back. Everyone who was working that week was asked to bring a dish to share. It was great!!!

I brought a Greek Orzo Salad.

This is a GREAT salad, oddly low-point, and delicious. It's basically just a mix of cooked orzo, cut-up cooked chicken breast, feta cheese, veggies such as olives, roasted red pepper, and artichoke hearts, stirred with some sort of oil and vinegar sauce. Spice and herb it up as much (or as little) as you like. Really easy, but I made WAYYYY too much.

One of the other lawyers made a delicious scalloped potato dish in her new slow cooker, but had a slow cooker accident and it broke! But the scalloped potatoes were saved!! Yeah!

Really delicious.

We also had some pad thai...

Which was fantastic. We also had amazing spring rolls handmade by one of the paralegal's grandmother (they own and operate a Chinese restaurant)!

We also had absolutely FANTASTIC bourek (both meat and cheese) that were hand-made by one of our paralegals who SHOULD have a restaurant (at the last potluck she made the most wonderful cabbage rolls!).

Look at those lovely bourek! Such a wonderful treat for us.

The paralegal I work with brough amazing Russian meatballs.

These were really different tasting meatballs. I am not certain what type of meat they were, but the sauce was really unique. O said that the sauce is basically a sour cream and ketchup mix that was kind of sweet, and totally moreish!

One of the other lawyers brought a great fruit salad...

This was good because we had a lot of heavy dishes, so having something sweet and fresh was very nice.

And then, there were DELICIOUS homemade custard tarts...

But wait, there's more...

These were homemade and absolutely amazing. Way to go, C, these were a total treat!

It was a great potluck, lots of fun and I really appreciated that everyone participated.

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