25 January 2010

Proper Roast Dinner.

I have a confession.

I have never made a proper Sunday roast dinner. Wait. That isn't correct. I had never made a proper Sunday roast dinner, UNTIL RECENTLY, when I made a proper roast dinner (with the exception of the yorkshire pudding, which just wasn't points friendly enough). So my shame is no more, and I have made a lovely roast dinner...

LOOK AT THAT!!! Meat, potato and veg, with SAUCE, on my plate! Here's the specs...

At the St. Lawrence Market, we found a small beef tenderloin (just over 1lb, sweet) and brought it home. I made up a "crusting" of shallot, mushroom, balsamic vinegar (Belazu, get it even though in North America it's RIDICULOUSLY expensive...), S&P. I cooked it up, tied up my roast, covered my roast in it as much as I could and put in a pan and cooked for about 40 minutes at about 375.

During that, I made what I think of as proper sunday roast potatoes. I cut the potatoes into big chunks, boiled them for about ten minutes, then banged them up in the colander so they got hot. Because I was worried about the amount of oil, while the potatoes boiled, I put the baking tray I was going to use in the oven and let it get really hot. I then pulled it out, sprayed it in cooking spray and added a bit of oil. Put it back in the oven so it was piping hot. Put the banged up potatoes in the pan and stirred them up to cover in oil, then baked until done. They were the CRISPIEST roast potatoes ever.

We also made some petit pois, which was pretty basic. When the roast was done, while it rested, I took the mushroom bits that had fallen off and mixed them with a little broth and corn starch in a small fry pan for a minute to make a jus for the top.

Delicious, and my first (but not last) roast dinner. It was really nice and I felt like I was really embracing my inner Brit!

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Anonymous said...

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