24 January 2010

Is it Easy??

I saw a friend yesterday whom I haven't seen in awhile who is also doing Weight Watchers Online. She gave me a compliment, which I returned (she looks GREAT!) and she said how hard it's been for her this time (she's lost before, but gained some back). She said something that gave me pause, because it's something I've said repeatedly for the last few months, "It's just been so easy for you!"

And I do keep saying that, too. All the time I say, "I don't know why it's worked this time!" with a shrug of bewilderment. But after my friend said that, it hit me. I absolutely DO know why it's working this time, because I made a 100% full commitment to it! I track my points every day, even when the points are 16 points over my daily amount. I work out, dragging myself out of bed in the mornings more often than not and do it. I have chosen to eat better, to exercise more, to make myself a priority. And that's why it's worked. I have chosen not to stress out if the exact food I ate isn't in the points tracker, I just pick something close or find something a nutrition calculator online that I can approximate with. And that's why it's worked.

So enough of this "Who knows, gosh golly." I am working my ass off here, and I am going to start walking proud because of it! I will try not to be insufferable, but can't make any promises.

And on the topic of walking proudly, I bought a pair of Earth shoes today... anyone have these? They make your posture unbelievable. They are going to be GREAT for vacation!

AND, on the topic of new kit, I bought a nike+ sportband yesterday (it's charging in the USB while I am typing this). I am really looking forward to using it to track the length and pace of my runs. I signed up for my goal 10K yesterday (it's a ways away, lots of time to get comfortable) and found the 5K I am going to do this spring. Slow pace, gradual build up. It's going to work this time. Anyone with a nike+ system, I'd love to hear how you love it. Email me.

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