18 October 2008


We were camera shopping some time ago and stumbled into the B Espresso Bar and breakfasteria. G had wanted to go there for some time, and since we happenstanced our way there, we went on in.

It was so nice!

It's quite nice inside. Simple. Clean. It's cozy in an Ikea way, but really very nice.

We ordered the special of the morning (and I think it was about $8)...

This was delicious. Eggs on bread with lovely lovely ham and brie, a side of frite-y potatoes, tomato with pesto and dill creme fraiche.

Weird. That picture looks totally upside down, though I suppose there's not a right-side up when it comes to food.

Anyway... it was very good and a very comfortable place to enjoy a quiet breakfast on a Saturday.
I recommend it...

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