02 October 2008

Chili Sunday.

My Mom was visiting for about 10 days, and we jammed pack those 10 days! So last Sunday, we decided to kick bac and watch football all day. What do you eat when you wanna relax and watch football?


Oh yeah! A big ol' bowl of chili.

Football watching is really one my favorite fall activities. I find that I can watch football, thumb through magazines, fold laundry, make dinner, look outside at the falling leaves, and just relax. You aren't required to sit and watch non-stop, there's a replay if you miss it and someone in the next room yells YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! But I also love making fun game food. I find that I do chili quite often because it ticks all of the boxes, it's thick, it's eaten in a bowl, you can eat it with cheese, it's meaty and it cooks all day and just smells amazing.

I make my chili pretty simply... I start with ground beef and onion, brown it up. Put it in salt and pepper, chili powder to taste, powdered mustard, ancho, and stir it up to heat up the spices. Then come in the big guns. A can of whole tomatoes, tomato juice (v8 is great!), and the beans (two cans in this one). Let it cook and keep trying it for seasoning (and because you can't wait!).

So, we watched football. We ate chili with rice. We read magazines (I am trying to get my Mom interested in food magazines). And we just had a nice Sunday.

I only really see my Mom a couple of times a year, and it's really strange when we first get together because it's a bit like you're seeing a familiar stranger, even though we talk almost every day on the telephone. But then it all starts to work itself out and you end up just laughing and chatting and making chili.

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