18 October 2008

Rookie cat, Veteran Cat.

Today, G got a new cat. Okay, WE got a new cat. But it was all G's idea. She's been really wanting another cat, though I am worried that it's really going to upset Bello and make him lose all his happiness and sweetness.

See... Bello is a bit the king of the castle...

Okay, he may be the king of sleep, but you get the drift.

The new cat is just the princess of cute.

Come on. She's pretty dang cute. And she doesn't have a new name yet, so I just keep calling her girl cat. I am sure Bello will adjust. We're supposed to be keeping them separate, but that's not going so well. She has absolutely no interest in him, but he's following her around. It's very strange. I guess for her it's all new and she's checking it out. For him, there's an interloper moving about his house and he's not sure what to make of it.

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