11 October 2008


In the on-going saga of restaurants in the hood, Mom and I also ate at Sambuca's while she was here.

Mom ordered the spaghetti arrabiata. It was so crazy spicy!!!

It was a nice looking plate of food, though. I think it was way too spicy for her, though, but she did manage to eat it.

I had the thing there I love the most. The penne ala vodka.

This pasta is always really amazing. It has leeks and bacon, chicken, tangy creamy tomato sauce. It just really hits all the right buttons for me! It's really good and such a satisfyingly large bowl of pasta!

Mom had never had creme brulee before. Shocked, I insisted we order it, as it is my favorite dessert and the one at Sambuca's is particularly nice.

It was a hit.

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