02 October 2008


G and I stopped for dinner one day at Ginger. It's just up the street at Church and Wellesley and it cheap cheap cheap. You can have a HUGE dinner for under $10. When Ginger moved into Church street a couple of years ago it really bothered me because the smell of the food cooking is really really overpowering. But over time, I did start to get used to it, but there are days when the smell is just too much!

First, you order at the counter. You get your number and head over to one of the shiny tables in the dining room and have a seat. They just upgraded the numbers...

What is with those goofball cans of giant iced tea? G drinks them, and I just think they are so weird.

Hiding behind G's perfect 10 is a mango salad. She says that it's very tasty and lovely. I have a confession. I don't like mango. I think it tastes like sweat.


I loved my tamarind chicken with pad thai noodles...

It's really delicious. I ordered extra chicken, and I couldn't tell me if it seemed like extra chicken, but it was really nicely cooked, tender, and the noodles were really nice.

I don't remember what G ordered and I appear to not have taken a picture of it. I am sure it was delicious. All of their food is.

(I am just sitting down to watch the vp debate... let the games begin!)

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