18 October 2008

Kicking it Old School.

Ever so often I get the desire to kick it old school. And I do mean kick it.

This happened with my leftovers. I really wanted to have turkey tetrazzini with the leftover turkey. But I wanted to do it the old fashioned way. So I found a recipe that used cream of chicken soup, mushrooms, and cheese, ended up combining two recipes to get what I wanted, and away I went.

Basically, you cook about half a box of spaghetti that you have broken into pieces. While that's cooking, you mix a can of cream of chicken soup, a little milk and sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, salt and pepper together. Cook some mushrooms, mix with peas, and put into wet mixture. Stir in chopped turkey and drained spaghetti. Sprinkle on a little bit more cheddar cheese and bake.

Really good.

The picture on the other hand is blurry. I can't seem to sort out the new camera. I need help.

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