14 December 2008

Chinese Takeaway ... or is it?!

G and I have made a concerted effort to not eat at restaurants as much as we used to, and probably the biggest part of that means not ordering takeaway as much. I used to love to have dinner delivery. But then, it started getting really expensive. And taking a really long time. And coming to the house lukewarm. And this is across the board. There was nothing that we were ordering that seemed to really hit the spot, so we've made an effort to just stop doing it.

But that means using up leftovers and cleaning out our overly stocked freezer. And the goal is to do this while still having some fun dinners that are fast, easy, and tasty. Case in point? Our chinese "fakeaway".

This dinner was a cinch to put together! We had some frozen dumplings in the freezer that we bought at TNT. We cooked them in a little water and oil from frozen in our new giant chicken fryer (yeah air miles!) slowly, and then turned up the heat, added some oil, and fried them up. made a quick sauce. And took some leftover rice, added some veg, sauces, and a scrambled egg, and voila! Fried rice! (I use a variation of Nigella Lawson's easy fried rice recipe in the most excellent cookbook, Feast.)

Who needs delivery?!

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