07 December 2008


One of the best things about living in Toronto is that there are people living here from all over the world, many of whom bring parts of their culture with them.

I was reminded of this recently when making a visit to the Kensington Market. I was buying peppers and whatnot for my Latin inspired US Thanksgiving dinner, and we stopped into Perola's to buy the goods.

Perola's is a specialty food store with a great little twist, a table in the back where there are always ladies making some delicious food. They used to make papusas, but have since moved onto tacos. G and I poopooed the tacos the first time we went. Please, we smugly said, TACOS? No, thanks. Well, jokes on us and we now fully admit that we are dumber than we look.

On our trip to buy fresh chilis of different varieties, we decided that our stomachs growling was not conducive to a day of food shopping, so we headed back to the back to see what was on order. A woman dressing her tacos began telling us to order these, that they would be some of the best food we'd ever had. She went into a story telling us about how this was how she ate in Mexico and that there's nothing better than these tacos covered in the onion and cilantro mix then drizzled with lime. We were convinced.

I ordered three tacos and a tamale.

It didn't seem like a lot of food. But it was. And it wasn't cheap (about $13) but it was more than worth it...So we placed an order (in the wrong place, but what can you do?!), pulled up a chair next to the canned goods (there are no tables or proper places to sit and eat in this establishment), so it's a fight for the chairs near the ice cooler, but it's all good. The food is fast and the folks are friendly.

First up, the tamale...

Wow. It was amazing. The filling was tender, the tamale coating was savory, the salsa was spciy and the white cheese/sour cream sauce was really unbelievably good.

Then came out my tacos. The woman who was fixing her tacos told us that we had to get the pork because they were the best... and so I did. G got the chicken. The pork tacos looked amazing...

They are soft corn tortillas, filled with just meat and cheese, and then grilled for a few minutes per side. The pork was tender, and really wet, I had sauce dripping down my hand, soaking the four little napkins I had, making me beg for some of G's. But man alive, it was a most amazing lunch!!! I absolutely loved my tacos and can't wait to go back!

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