07 December 2008

Hair of the Dog.

I have been really craving a proper brunch lately, and there just hasn't been time enough to squeeze it in. So this morning, despite my cold and the extreme cold outside, G and I decided to bundle up and trek out to the Hair of the Dog for brunch.

I am so glad we did!!!

Oh yes. I had the Breakfast Skillet. Yum. The Skillet is an amazing pile of home fries cooked with peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and ham with cheese put on top and baked off then topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg. Oh my goodness, this was so delicious. I mean, really really good.

Sadly, G ordered an omelet that was too dry, but she ate most of it anyway.

The weird thing about the Hair of the Dog is that when we are in there, it's like you are in the Martian timeslip. It's so strange. I don't know why, but the few times we have eaten there, when we walk out of the restaurant, it's like you've been in another world for hours. It's very strange.

But I guess that can be a good thing, as well.

Oh well... head there and have a delicious brunch and lose some time.

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Foodista said...

Looks like you had a great lunch :)


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