07 December 2008

Just Like Momma Makes!

My Mom makes the best fried chicken. I've said this before. But honestly, it's really really good. Having a daughter who is extremely squeamish about eating meat on the bones (*cough*), Mom started making boneless chicken breasts for us instead. I guess it's like chicken nuggets, but not rubbish, and not crazy breaded.

So tonight, I channeled my Mom and made fried chicken with cream gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. It almost went off without a hitch. We made frozen corn, but it had a really manky taste, so that wasn't going to fly at all. G found a can of creamed corn in the cupboard, it was okay.

Isn't that lovely?!

The chicken is pretty straightforward, and I am going to give you a recipe for it because, if you are squeamish about bones, this is for you... enjoy fried chicken again.

Mom's Most Deluxe Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy

You need:

Two boneless chicken breasts
vegetable oil

1. Take the chicken and rinse and pat dry. Cut into large chunks.

Salt and pepper the chicken.

2. Get a bowl and put some flour in the bowl. Generously salt and pepper the flour. I added a little smoked paprika, as well.

3. Heat a large skillet suitable for frying on the stove with enough oil to just cover the pan.

4. Dredge the chicken in the flour and make sure it's really coated.

5. Once the oil is properly heated, add the chicken pieces to the oil. Let cook until crispy, then turn and keep cooking.

6. When the chicken is brown and crispy all over, place on paper towels on a clean plate. Put in the oven that has been heated to warm but is now turned off.

7. Drain a good chunk of the oil, just leave about a tablespoon full. Take some of your flour and put in the pan over the heat. Keep stirring it, adding flour as needed, until it looks like a proper roux. Keep cooking for about a minute so that the flour taste is cooked off. Add milk until the pan is covered in milk. Keep stirring until it sets up. Add more milk if necessary.


See, how easy was that?!

It's really dead easy and it's such a wonderful way to enjoy chicken that isn't crazy breaded or just really greasy or full of bones. It's a great dinner and I would like to thank my Mom for fixing my chicken woes. (I used to add way too much oil and too little flour. I didn't realize it until Mom and I made it together and I paid more attention.)

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