26 December 2008

Christmas Dinner!!!

I love Christmas dinner. At our house, it's all tradition. This year, the only new thing on this plate was the peas. Oh, and that David pulverized the onion and celery in the stuffing. That was a change that didn't really work.

G didn't make it to OK this year. Her flight from TO made it to Chicago and then all flights here were cancelled. After much panic and several hours in the airport, she was told that she could get back to TO, which meant a day of travel to Chicago and back. Nightmare.

But Christmas must go on, and dinner is no exception! Mom and I got the turkey ready and in the oven, and then everything just sort of clicked into place... I made devilled eggs...

And stuffed mushrooms...

Yum. The mushrooms are a holdover from my University days. My group of friends and I used to drive to Dallas and eat dinner at this place called Crescent City Cafe. We would always share an order of the stuffed mushrooms. I think this is a fairly close reproduction of those...

Crescent City Mushrooms

Whipped cream cheese
bacon (or 'real' bacon bits)
salt and pepper

You mix the cream cheese, chives and bacon with salt and pepper to taste while the oven heats up to 350. Take the stem out of the mushrooms, clean well. Fill with cream cheese mixture and place in a pan with sides. Pour in a tiny bit of water, place uncovered in oven for approximately 25 minutes depending on the size of the 'shrooms.


I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! I've definitely been blessed with a wonderful year and excellent family and friends. I know that my blog has its ups and downs, but I really love doing it and enjoy going back and reading through all the old posts. I am back in Toronto on Sunday and am looking forward to New Years and the NEW YEAR 2009 DIET. OH NO!!! Lots of fun blog time then, for sure.


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