07 December 2008

Random Eats.

Sometimes, we just end up having a good meal that comes together with little planning. Well, in reality, we often have a meal that comes about with little planning, but again, sometimes it just works.

Take for instance this lovely egg and cheese sandwich with tomato chutney...

A lovely montreal-style bagel (the only kind to eat, really) and some five year old aged cheddar with a fried egg and some Baxter's tomato chutney (the only kind to eat, really). Fully satisfying, delicious and filling, and not a plan in sight.

To carry on the egg theme, we also recently had a kitchen sink fry up.

More fried eggs. Some Heinz Baked Beans (okay, I won't say it again, but they really ARE the only kind to eat), grilled tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms. Yum. Yum. Yum.

So not fancy, but quick dinners that are really delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these meals...

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