26 December 2008

Going out for Dinner.

One of the things I love about going home to OK is eating out at restaurants that are different from what we have in Toronto. This trip has been no exception.

When my best friend drove up from Norman for the day, I knew we needed to try something totally different. We went for lunch at Kilkenny's Irish Pub. And I am glad we did! The place is fun, really small and really cold when we were there, a little dark inside like a proper pub, and a good selection of Irish specialties and your average American pub food.

Living in Toronto, I have come to miss the great American hamburger. Hamburgers in Canada by and large aren't great. Well, they aren't what I like, which is really just a patty made with nice meat, salt and pepper. Walking into the lion's den of pub food, I had to go for the hamburger with Irish rashers and Irish cheddar. Yum.

Oh yeah. The fries were stupendous. I mean, really really really good. One of the best french fry experiences I have had in ages. Really good. Oh yeah, did I mention, the fries were great! The hamburger was solid. The meat was well-seasoned, it was nicely cooked, but it was a little too wet for my liking...

You can see how wet the bun is. Now I know for some people, that's a total plus, but I am not one of those people. It grosses me out, but the hamburger all in all was really good. The bacon was fantastic, and the half pound or quarter pound option means you can have the amount you want. (I had the half pound. I ain't no fair flower. Ha ha.)

My BFF ordered the Irish Breakfast.

...with scrambled eggs. I am not a fan of the scramble, especially if I am not making it myself. This came with irish bacon and sausage, soda bread, black pudding, grilled tomatoes and grilled mushrooms. Or I think it came with grilled mushrooms because I don't see any in that picture.

Anyway, the bill was reasonable, we each had a soft drink (pepsi- blech), but it was a great meal and a nice place to slow down and chit chat.

The restaurant is down on Cherry Street (which has really had quite the renaissance in the last year, it seems). Lots of good stuff down there. I really enjoyed the pub and would recommend it!

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Brett said...

Thanks for the review. We at Kilkennys Irish Pub are glad you enjoyed your experience and hope you return soon. Cheers!!


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