10 May 2009

50th Soiree.

G's brother turned 50 recently and in his honour, his wife threw a lovely afternoon brunch at the Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham. It was attended by family and friends and we all had a really great time.

The food was plentiful. When we came in, there were mimosas by the glassful. They hit the spot after everything that had been going on the week before. (As an aside, I had been really sick the week before, requiring a trip to the hospital. It was a bit crazy, but all seems to be on the mend.) ANYWAY, the brunch started with some amazing cold salads including meats, green salads, pasta salads, and the like. Here's my plate...

I had a bunch of caeser salad, cheeses, meats, and tuna salad. It was fantastic!

For the main courses, there was a bit of breakfast and a bit of lunch. Eggs florentine, hash browns, bacon, sausage, roast beef, lasagna, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. I wasn't in the mood for breakfast and so went whole-heartedly for the lunch...

The meat was fantastic. Really soft and perfectly cooked. The mashed potatoes were totally amazing and I couldn't resist also grabbing some hashed browns. I also tried some of the lasagna. It was pretty meh. The tops of the lasagna were really stodgy and seemingly uncooked, but the underneath of the kind of not so good layer was fantastic. I seemed to have jumped over the veggies, but had a delicious lunch all the same.

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