02 May 2009

More Random Food.

As you may have guessed by today's somewhat continuous blogging, I am quite behind on my posts. There are a number of reasons, persistent illness topping the list, and I am determine to get fairly caught up so that I can start to blog more on the wheat-free things we are doing...

First up... a household favorite, HAMBURGERS!!! I love a solid cheeseburger with Baxter's Tomato Chutney. And with the new bottle recently acquired, hamburgers were not long off...

Yum!!! Some meat, tomato, sauteed onion and mushrooms, and lovely chutney. What an excellent hamburger and yeah for me for getting to eat it! How do you like your hamburgers? I prefer ground meat and salt and pepper only (this one was buffalo meat). In Canada, where I currently live, hamburgers tend to have lots of stuff in them like bread crumbs, egg, and flavorings. I am not so keen on that. How bout you?

Next...I made a lovely scrambled eggs on toast with creamy mushrooms. They mushrooms weren't too creamy because G is not a fan of creamy things, but with the soft cooked scrambled eggs, it was a very nice brunch...

The bread we used was leftover challah from Shabbat dinner, but it's funny because in this picture, it just looks like this giant log of bread!!!

Along the egg vein, I also used an idea found while reading Homesick Texan's blog and made me up some migas one morning. The migas I made were corn tortilla strips lightly fried in oil then mixed with eggs, cheese, and a little bit of salt and pepper. I didn't add onions or peppers because I was too lazy.

I also used a chipotle salsa (President's Choice brand) and served with a side of organic refried beans. It was a delcious meal that G has absolutley no interest in!!!

Homemade canneloni graced our table a few nights ago. I made Nigella Lawson's Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells from her Forever Summer cookbook, but used canneloni noodles instead of shells. I also don't gussy up the passata too much, I just add some basil and oregano and let the tomato-y flavour really sing.

This was delicious and absolutely decadent because we had some garlic bread on the side!!!

The last meal in this set, vegetarian risotto!

YUMMY! We used veg broth, mushrooms and parsley, cheese and butter and made up a lovely creamy risotto for one of our Vegetarian Nights. We have Veg Night every week or so with our friends upstairs, and this time it was our turn to cook! G came up with this amazing risotto and made everything because I had to work late! But the risotto was a success. We use the recipe from the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver's first cookbook.

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Laura said...

Just stumbled across your blog - and it is delicious. I love food pictures.

I duly noted that you feel there aren't any "great" BBQ places in Toronto. If you had to pick the best Toronto had to offer, where would you recommend? I've never had a pulled pork sandwich and think my life needs it.


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