10 May 2009

Brunch with A Good Friend.

A few weeks ago, we had a friend call and say she would be in town for the weekend, so we decided to meet up for "brunch" at the 'new' Mildred Pierce restaurant, Mildred's Temple.

I was really keen to go there, and excited at getting to try the new offerings. Equally exciting was the fact that since we went earlyish on a Saturday, we had "lunch" not "brunch" on offer.

Having read many reviews of the restaurant, I was extremely excited to try the gnudi, which is offered as an appetizer. But first came the bread. We were asked if we wanted one slice or two, which seems odd. Just give me bread and if I want more, I'll ask, but whatever.

The bread was really good, with a strong crust. The butter was soft and slightly sweet.

The gnudi. Well. The gnudi wsa divine...

It was served with bacon and caramelized onion in a slight butter and sage sauce. They gnudi were light and cheesey, fluffy and delightful with the bacon and onions. I absolutely loved it, the flavour was amazing and honestly, you could have this as a meal.

From there, I had ordered the hamburger. As you may know, I love hamburgers and am always keen to try them at restaurants that seem to have good food. So I ordered it and then watched as a few made their way out of the kitchen...

This kitchen...

The kitchen is open concept and lovely. You can see all the food being prepared while you chat. The room itself is gigantic, wide open, with tables spread quite far apart. It was a lovely way to spend a sunny lunch time. But back to the hamburger...

LOVELY! I was thoroughly excited to give it a go, but was disappointed. The meat patty seemed substantial, but it seemed to melt away every time you bit into it. It was like it kept sliding out of the side of the back but it just wasn't ever there. I don't know. The flavour was nice-ish, overseasoned in my view, but just not great. The fries were fantastic.

That being said, I would likely go back and would be interested in trying the brunch. I am going to attempt to make gnudi at home (with gluten-free flour) and see if I can make it anywhere near as lovely.

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