23 May 2009

Cream Tea at My Place.

Mother's Day was celebrated over two weekends for us, the first here in Toronto with G's Mom and then back home to Oklahoma to celebrate with mine. For G's mom's mother's day, we thought it would be nice to have them over for an afternoon tea. G's mom gave G a glorious china set that was forgotten in the basement from the Rhodesia move to Canada, and we haven't had much call for using it. Tea was the perfect excuse!

Ah! On the top are gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (from the bag, I am embarrassed to say) mixed with gluten-free empire cookies from the British Bakery stall at the St. Lawrence Market. GO THEM with the gluten-free offerings. I bought some gluten-free hot dog buns that will feature in a post later on... Good stuff. ANYWAY, back to the tea...

The second layer was my homemade g-free scones. There are two sizes because the dough didn't seem right and so I was making a little sample round that were the small ones and then when they turned out alright, I made bigger ones. The bigger ones didn't rise at all. But they were delicious. We served them with my homemade butter (the famous shaking the cream in a jar for 30 minutes method -- which rules) and with rose jelly, blueberry jam, and orange marmalade. Yummy!

The bottom tier was our stab at little sandwiches. This was early in the whole gluten-free process and I had taken a stab at trying a kamut bread. That didn't work for me, sad to say. But the sandwiches were lovely. We made two kinds, egg salad and smoked salmon/cream cheese.

We made a big pot of tea and all tucked in. It really was a lovely tea and a delicious mother's day!

My Mom's mother's day consisted of g-free cupcakes my brother made. Yummmmy! I didn't take photos. I was a bad blogger when I was in OK.

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