02 May 2009

the Owl of Minerva (iPhone)

G and I were up in the Markham area and decided to go to one of the crazy restaurants we always drive by. I had heard of the Owl of Minerva before, so when we had randomly stopped at that strip mall, it felt like kismet. We had to go.

****All photos were taken on my iPhone. This means they are a bit crappier than usual.****

After you order, they bring your utensils to the table:

Oh yeah. Scissors. No knives, just scissors. Is this a traditional Korean food thing? Anyone?

Our orders made, we waited. For about two and a half seconds. Then our food came out. I had ordered the bibimbap and and a chicken bulgogi to share. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was all so good, G barely had any buglogi. SORRY!

This was absolutely delicious. There was no posturing to be done, I was offered a fork and I thanked them for the same. I broke up the egg, stirred all of the bowls delicious and savory things together, and dug in after drowning it in a healthy amount of hot sauce. (I absolutely love thick sirachi style hot sauces.) The bulgogi was a healthy portion.

That picture doesn't do it justice.

Well, it was lovely. This is one of a couple of restaurants in the GTA, and I greatly enjoyed it! I really can't wait to go back!!!

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Jason Jang said...

The scissors - it's totally a korean thing.


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