02 May 2009


Ahhhhhh. A steaming casserole of delicious macaroni and cheese. One of my most favorite things on the entire planet. As I was gearing up for going wheat free, I really wanted to have this mac one last time. Now that I am wheat-free, I know that I will find some recipes that will be wonderful and I already really enjoy the Tinkyada pasta, so I will no doubt use that for a helping, but I know that it's the end of the era and I really wanted to have a delicious helping. (Or three).

Here's the insides...served up in a big bowl...

I love using tube pasta for mac-n-cheese. You have to drain it really well and then stir it really well into the cheese sauce, but if you do that, it is just these delightful pockets of cheesey goodness all throughout. The crispy bread crumb topping works a treat, too.

The bad thing about mac-n-cheese for me is that I can eat an entire pan of it in one sitting. I will be horridly full, but it's so delicious!!! I have posted the recipe previously. You can find it here if you want it. And believe you me, you want it.

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