23 May 2009

Eating at home. The Simple Life.

Work and life has been pretty crazy lately so it's been necessary to just have some comfort foody quickness.

At the market, I bought some fantastic gluten-free hot dog buns. Well, they're a bit dense, but they aren't crazy sweet. Quite lovely. We also bought hot dogs at one of the meat stalls that were labelled gluten-free and were organic. They were fantastic, but the woman who sold them to me was rude. Anywho...

That's my hot dog with tomato chutney and mayo (don't start, it's a delicious combo) and sweet chili rice chips which are one of my most favorite things in the whole world. Goooooood times. It's easy and lovely and while not gourmet, it's also sometimes just what the doctor ordered.


NIall Harbison said...

I really feel sorry for people who have to eat gluten free as bread is taken for granted as one of the main staples in Western cooking. All of those gluten free breads taste horrible to me but I guess there have to be some good ones. Is it tought to put up with?

dynagrrl said...

Absolutely not! It can be difficult, especially when eating out, it just takes a little bit of planning. I am lucky because I don't have celiac. I can eat small amounts of wheat (or large amounts but then I have an upset stomach). That being said, I try to eat gluten-free as much as I can. And I found a fantastic gluten-free bread at Whole Foods!


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