12 April 2007

Biryani Indian House.

G and I have been talking about trying the Biryani Indian House, an Indian restaurant in our neighborhood that frequently gets really good reviews. On Tuesday night, I made up with a friend for coffee, then G and I gave the House a go.

It was really good... A bit expensive and smallish portions, but that was actually the good part. The food was really spicy. I ordered the Chicken Chilli Street Style with rice. MAN IT WAS SPICY!!!

It was really good. But man it was spicy, did I mention that?

G ordered some lamb something, but got butter chicken instead. It was unusual, but really tasty, though we only got to try it before it was time to ship it back to the kitchen for lamb.

I find Indian food to be very difficult to photograph. It is so red! The lamb looks really similar...

It was really tasty, but the cost was a bit dear. I can't say we'd go there again unless we were taking company or something. It was nice to try something new.

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