08 April 2007

Boxing Counsel.

Yesterday was an odd day. I had a total allergy meltdown and felt really out of it. I missed my running class because I laid in bed blowing my nose like an insane person, and I really wanted to go buy a new black suit. Well, off to the shops and nothing even remotely like the black suit I want, complete depression sits in, so off to the food shops to relieve my misery. (Easter dinner post is below this one...keep scrolling for my Easter triumph!)

After getting my hair cut, it was off to the land of naps, as G and I had plans to go to Boxing Counsel last night, since G was doing a story on it for her paper. It started at 7ish, so we made plans to eat an easy dinner early. G made fricadelles (which are basically like hamburger patties with lots of parsley) and peas.

She also sauteed some mushrooms and shallots to have on the side. It was fantastic. I had had a 'breakfast on a bun' from the Cosmo Bakery at the St. Lawrence Market, and it was a good bread free dinner.

We get around and go to Boxing Counsel. Basically, this was a fundraiser which featured lawyers boxing one another. The "main event" was Crown Prosecutor vs. a Defense Attorney. That fight was something else, yikes. The Defense Attorney was all over him, but it has to be because his theme song was "the wheels on the bus go round and round".

Anyway, we get to the location and it's jammed pack full of lawyers. Mostly of the criminal law variety. We get a drink, talk to the organizer, and basically soak in the atmosphere. I said to G, "Do you think dinner is served here, it doesn't make sense that we aren't being let in to the main room?" No, no dinner, she assures me, nothing anywhere says anything about dinner.

Okay fine.

We go into the main ball room, find our table and see how it's set up...

Oh yeah, there's food being served. And not just any food, but a full on steak dinner. Dinner #2 awaits!

So two dinners with Fred Flinstone sized portions of meat were a little much for this delicate flower. Thank heavens it was followed by boxing, so we could cheer away all those calories.

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