22 April 2007

Donna Hay would be proud of the looks, irritated by the taste.

When visiting a friend in London last year, we were treated to a delicious Donna Hay recipe, from her New Food Fast cookbook. I of course ran out and bought it as soon as I returned home. It was a chicken coconut curry, and it is basically, curry paste, chicken, sweet potato, chicken broth and coconut milk. Yum!

So I decided for one of our fast dinners at home, I would make this curry and relish in it's glory.

Well, it looks good.

Now as someone from the land of cream gravy's, I have to confess that while this cooked, it smelled exactly like cream gravy, which was just wrong. I managed to choke mine down, but I was happy that I had thought to make the President's spring rolls as an accompaniment.

These are positively delicious. I really really love them.

So what went wrong with the curry? I think honestly it's two things, 1) we didn't have red curry paste, just lots of red curry powder, so I tried to make a paste and it was too hot, but not the right consistency, I think. 2) I didn't shake the coconut milk up enough and (which should constitute point 3, but... the coconut milk was of the light variety. It just didn't set up right. But when the pest part of your dinner is the pre-made something from Loblaw's, you know you are in trouble. SERIOUS trouble.

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