16 April 2007

Gran Gusto!

Well, this weekend was a total bust. I had a migraine off and on the entire time (again). While we did have time to talk to the kitchen reno people, by the middle of Saturday afternoon I was downing the migraine meds, lying with the eye cover over me! But prior to that catastrophe of small proportions, G and I had some amazing Italian food in Woodbridge at Gran Gusto!

We felt like it was going to be okay when we walked in and realized that we were the only non-Italian speaking people in the restaurant. And okay we were! We ordered bruschetta right away because neither of us had eaten all day and we were starved!

It was so fresh and lovely tasting, and this beautiful plate with lemons was such a nice touch!

For our main meals (and they were HUGE) G ordered the gnocchi with meat sauce, and I had the penne ala vodka. Wow oh wow. Mine was an amazingly perfect pasta mixed with a bacony tomato cream sauce that had such a nice depth of flavour. It was an absolutely perfect pasta dish, and really hit the spot!

G's gnocchi was really nice, but man, a plate that size is toooo much gnocchi! It's so heavy. The meat sauce was really flavourful with some extra something that we couldn't quite identify. G added extra crushed red peppers (something we have become addicted to at our house) and declared it magnifico!

More red food. I think I like testing the bounds of my photographic abilities!

G had a delicious bubbly water and I had a diet coke. Good times. The bill was reasonable, low $30's I think, and the meal was memorable. The place isn't anything fancy, though I bet it's packed in the evenings, but if you are up in Woodbridge, it's definitely worth a stop. It reminded me of restaurants we went to in France. The atmosphere was festive, the people were local, and the food was out of sight!!!


Tina said...

Been to this place many times, it is quite a treasure of a find, great food, large portions and family friendly!

Richelle said...

Been there several times and will keep going back. The food is amazing.

Angela said...

The food is great and inexpensive. I love going there!


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