05 April 2007

Long Weekend Blues.

And why the blues on this the first night of a three day weekend? Because it's snowed all day and it's cold and it's grim. But whatever, while G is sorting out her paypal account, I thought I would update my blog with some of the pics of late.

First up... the aforementioned mac n' cheese. Man alive, it was really good. I used this really lovely stilton, cheddar, mozarella and parmesan made in a butterless bechamel sauce which is a great way to shave a few calories off the meal. How do you make it? Well let's see... you take 2 and 2/3 cup of 1% milk and in a large bowl whisk in 1/3 cup flour. You can do this directly in the pan, but sometimes I find the flour will cling to the side of the pot instead of mixing. Then you heat it slowly over medium heat for about 8-10 minutes until it thickens. Voila!

So the mac was good. It was really one of the best ones I've made in awhile, I love it so much that I honestly could just sit down with the pan in my lap, a smile on my face and fork in my hand, but I had a little restraint.


Last weekend I read this article in the Globe and Mail about Kosher Coke. The article said that Kosher Coke is the closest North American's can get to ye olde Coke. So of course, after falling in love with Coke all over again while in France, I had to find some. Fortunately, next to G's parents there was a great store with a huge sign that said "Your Passover Headquarters", so of course, in we went.

Kosher Coke was waiting. Kosher Coke was purchased. Kosher Coke is in fridge "chilling". What the heck.

Now once I try it, of course you will get to try it.

Passover was Monday night, and I took a few pics, which I will blog about over the weekend.

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