23 April 2007

Really, the fry-up saves the world.

Okay, I didn't get to the fry-up in my last post, because Heroes started... That Mohinder.


Today was a good food day. I had left over risotto for breakfast. See pic below in the earlier post.

From there...I had lima bean salad and a turkey club from the cafe downstairs. I've never seen the lima bean salad, but man alive, I love lima beans when they are cooked properly. This was pretty good, not the best ever, but definitely a better choice than pasta salad or chips!

I took this picture in my crazily dark office, this bizarre storm moved in about mid-day. But it was a nice lunch, under $5, can't be beat!

For dinner, G made a delish fry-up, meat free. We had grilled tomato and fried egg on toast, with Heinz baked beans, and potatoes. It was positively delicious. But...I was too hungry and irritated, and just jumped into dinner, so here it is from about half way through the whole thing...

So there it is. Yum yum yum. I love breakfast for dinner. I didn't eat the second piece of toast... eyes bigger than stomach syndrome.

And yeah, otherwise, all's good.

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