16 April 2007

G's Steps Up to the Plate and She Shoots and She Scores!

I like to mix my sports metaphors.

Anyway, G woke up with the ants in her pants to make some tasty grub. Her first stop? Carmelized onion and stilton tart. From scratch. Go G. Go G. As I sat in my office typing away at my computer trying to get some work done, G stood in the soon to be remodeled kitchen, slaving away carmelizing onions, rolling out pastry, and crumbling the beautiful English stilton she purchased at Kensington Market.

It was gorgeous.

The cripsy-ish bits of cheese on top were so tasty. So we sliced it up and had it with some salad. Okay, fine, G had it with salad, I had it with a glass of water.

Look at these beautiful onions...

So that was a delicious little afternoon treat, as I nursed my migraine hangover. Then G decided to make fasulya (a green bean stew) for dinner, and we invited G's parents to share in the delight. The pics make it look kind of gross, but really, it's a simple and delicious stew from the cookbook that G has from Zimbabwe. It's a spanish african Jew thing, apparently.

She also made a really knock out salad.

Not to brag, but I think that's a good picture. I have been monkeying around with the different modes on my camera, and I think that I have had a few good pics of late.

For dessert, G's mom brought some nice blueberry blintzes, and we had blackberry's and whipped cream ready to go. It pained me to buy the blackberry's, nowhere near local, but everything else pretty much was, so I had to relent. I want to read that book about the couple in Vancouver who only ate food grown in a 100 mile radius from their house. I actually went to buy it over the weekend, and it's $32! May have to wait for it to come out in hardback. Or if someone wants to buy me a present.....

Anyway, whipped cream and blackberries are alllll good.

And, as I worked late and had about two more hours of work to do once I got home (I am actually doing it now as the pictures upload), plus nursing the start of another migraine, G stepped up and made a simple dinner of my request. Chicken schnitzel. We were running low to no on the starch, so G made couscous which was great, and we had the last of the massive bag of frozen peas. Oh yes, don't wait for it....

Oh yeah.... home cookin' at it's most basic. It hit the spot though. And now, with my presentation finished until I review it tomorrow morning and ship it off to BC, and my blog updated, it's time to go make some brownies. Oh yeah. Brownie me baby.

But one more thing, I am looking for to tomorrows Wanigan box... www.wanigan.com... cukes and tomatoes!!!!! GIMMMMMMEEEEEEE! Though I think tomorrow's dinner may very well be chicken coconut curry (provided I get home in time to make it), I think some tomato salad or something will have to accompany... yeeeee haw.

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