23 April 2007

Heroes! (Save the Fry-up, Save the World)

So I am just marking time 'til Heroes starts! Right here in good ol' Canada, we get it at 8pm, so I am all queued up and ready to go... a perfect time for an update!

Saturday was a beautiful day outside. And G was sick. I had gallantly declared that I would make meatloaf and roasted potatoes, and it would all be good. But I was so not into it, so I decided to make the British favorite, Spag Bol. We had this crazily hardcore whole wheat pasta, and some mushrooms leftover from the CSA box, so I chopped those in quarters and added them to the onions and meat while it cooked... My secret ingredient? A little grated carrot gives you the sweet without having to add sugar. And extra vegetables never hurt anyone!

Good times. We really enjoyed it, and I made enough for an army, as per usual.

Sunday brought a new beautiful day. Sunshine everywhere, I could not believe it. G and I decided to go for a long walk, and G wanted to have shwarma. There's a newish restaurant on Church street, A la Turque, and they have meat shwarma, so we decided to go there because a good walk could be had in any general direction.

We had a HUGE plate of shwarma each. The plate included meat, rice, lettuce, tomato, pickled turnips, hot peppers, cabbagey salad, hummus, hot sauce, garlic sauce, sliced cabbage, parsley, and onions if we had wanted them but we didn't...

Here it is...

I could tell you the price, but I don't know it, because the guy rang us up wrong. But two of these bad boys with two cans of soda was $16, but we thing he undercharged us. He waved it off, so so did we.

The walk was great. We went through Cabbagetown and saw new flowers and sunny skies. I love it.

Heroes is on.... I will be back!

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