28 April 2007

If it was Tuesday, it must have been STEAK NIGHT!

There's a pub in/near our 'hood that has a different dinner option each night. The Bishop & The Belcher has steak Night on Tuesday nights, and boy, is it a deal. First off, let me say, living in downtown Toronto makes you not drink a lot (especially when you have a food magazine addiction that takes alot of your disposable dough), but this place has half pints of Stella for less than $4. That's enough to start drinking more regularly.

Steak night is a great deal. For $9.95, you get the following: Starter: either caesar salad (which is huge) or French onion soup. I didn't take pictures of the starter, but over time I have tried both, and they are pretty dang good. This time, I had the caesar, and it was so big I couldn't finish it. Then for your Main: filet or striploin WITH either peppercorn sauve, garlic mushroom, or fried onion, AND either mashed potatoe, french fries or sweet potato fries. Oh yeah. I got a picture of that:

Oh yeah, you get some veg, too. Really good for the price, and it's a nice atmosphere with boxes of old skool trivial pursuit cards on the table for your effort. I recommend it, it's on Church near Bloor.

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