23 August 2008

Behind per Usual.

There are tons of vacation pictures to post, but I am going to back up a bit and cover our delightful trip to the lovely Kitchener/Waterloo area, and Stratford.

We have some excellent friends who live in KW, and we don't see them nearly enough, so we made a plan to go for a visit, hit the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market, and Smart car it over to Stratford to see 'the Music Man'. We had an excellent time.

G and I had a leisurely drive to KW. Once we arrived at our friend's house (which is just beautiful...I am quite envious), we chatted for a bit, I showed off my iPhone (because I have no shame), and then we set off to the St. Jacob's Market. It was brilliant. I am just going to post a hodgepodge of photos, so bear with me for a moment...

So you might be getting the impression that there are lots of veg at this market. You would be right!

However, it wasn't JUST fantastic veg. G had, what she called, the greatest pickle ever. And it was on a stick.

AND! There was a schnitzel wagon.

And no, gentle reader, I did not partake in the schnitzel wagon, despite my unbridled love for the schnitzel. Curses.

BUT! We did manage to get some corn, even thought it was almost all gone...

The corn was okay. It didn't rock my world, but it was good.

We bought tons of stuff, and filled up the Smart car...

If you are doing the math, you may be wondering how the four of us fit in that Smart car. We didn't. P and D have TWO! So we congo'ed to the market AND to Stratford. Good times.

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