04 August 2008

Pancake Day at the Market.

The St. Lawrence Market had a HoeDown recently. And while we didn't partake in the dancing, we did of course indulge in the Toonie Pancake Breakfast!

That's right, folks. For $2 you got two lovely pancakes with butter and syrup and two grilled sausages! Grilled right before your very eyes and served up by the auxiliary police.

Ah. Bringing the community closer together...

They were going to have a food tasting thing later on, and you had to buy tickets...

And people were rarin' to go. We didn't stay for that part, but we did snap some shots of people milling about the crafts...

The market is really nice, and lots of fun. And by one of the cheese stalls, we found a visitor, who really stood out because he was making a spectacle of himself!

And, he was crazy blue!

(I guess this beemster cow was a she, since Beemster is a cheese company...and dairy comes from girl cows not boy cows... I did pay some attention in science class...)

I've said it before and I will say it again, the St. Lawrence is a fun market. But it's overly crowded some times and the prices can be a bit dear. We used to go almost every weekend, and in the summer, we do go more frequently, but it can be quite expensive.

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