28 August 2008

Vij's at the Cottage.

Yes, I took a cookbook. And yes, I took the Vij's Restaurant cookbook. It's slightly intimidating. So what better to test it out then at the cottage when you have all day to cook...

I made the Vij's Lamb Popsicles with Fenucreek curry and Turmeric Potatoes.

Phew! That was not a crazy amount of work, but it was a crazy amount of cream!!!

I am not going to post the recipe because I followed it to the letter, and I don't want to get the copyright police after me (because the copyright police are just WAITING for me to slip up), but I have to say, there's a lot of cream in this recipe. But it's worth it for a special treat!

First start the potatoes...

The potatoes just slowly cook in a little water, covered, until they are cooked through. You don't stir them so much as you periodically turn them during the cooking process. It cooks in onion and seasonings. It's fantastic. A really nice side dish for any meal, but really good with the crazy four cups of whipping cream curry sauce that accompanies the lamb chops.

Then you start the curry, which is cream and seasonings that just slowly simmers away on the stove. You then season the lamb chop, and you grill it until it's to your liking. You put the potatoes and curry on the plate and throw the popsicles (gimmicky, sure) on the pile and tuck in.

A word on the lamb chop. I like lamb when it isn't crazy game-y and when it isn't crazy fatty. This was right on the line, and really enjoyable. But it was so incredibly heavy!

I recommend the cookbook if you like Indian food, though. It's amazing.

(PS, you may notice my Obama support on the side of the page. Yes, I live in Canada, but I am an American citizen and vote in every election from here. He just rocked the DNC, and while I was keen on Hillary, I feel that Obama has a lot to offer the country. I can't help but being reminded of the last season of the West Wing, though. It worked for Jimmy Smitts, and let's hope it now works for America.)

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David W. Nees said...

Run! Run, J! Run from the Copyright Police!

"Barackin the Vote" - you slay me!

I got rhythm, I got music, I got Zazzle... Who could ask for anything more.

David (one of J's many initialed associates and her brother).


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