18 August 2008

We're Baaacccckkkk!!!

Ahhhh. Vacation. How I love thee.

G took this picture while we were standing on our dock, watching the sun set. It was so beautiful. We had an absolutely terrific time. It was relaxing, calming, and it really gave us a chance to hang out together, read, swim, canoe, cook, cook and cook. Oh yeah, we cooked it up!

And our first night there, we had to take advantage of the bbq and grill the old standard, steak, corn and potatoes!!!

Look at that great dinner! The steak was fantastic, really tender and juicy. We bought the on the vine cherry tomatoes at the Farmer's Market on the way to the cottage. The corn was a teensy dry, but really nice.

We didn't do anything special to the steak. We just gave em some salt and pepper and grilled em up. For the potatoes, we cooked them in the microwave for a second (yeah, this cottage was decked out!), then put them in foil on the grill. So terribly delicious. And a great way to say "welcome to the cottage!"

As an aside to the odyssey of my stomach... I went to my family doctor to get the fix for the h.pylori. (Yes, I have to do it again, but this time for two weeks because my stomach is too full of the little buggers.) Apparently, when I discussed my stomach issues with the GI doctor, I failed to remember any of it. I can only imagine it was the extreme reaction to the sedatives I'd been given. So my doctor shows me the GI's report, and it was illuminating. He diagnosed me with IBS, told me to stay away from caffeine and sugary drinks, no fried foods, and made a note that I am lactose intolerant. LACTOSE INTOLERANT! Where did that come from?

So I started taking lactaid this past week. And I have to confess, I never realized how much dairy I ingest. But it's helped, there are noticeable differences that I won't go into here, but, I think some of that may have been the complete lack of stress! Anyway, we'll keep updating.

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