05 August 2008

Lahore Tikka House.

First thing you need to know about the Lahore Tikka House is that it's crazy. It's been under construction forever, and the seating has moved outside for summer on patio and park tables.

It's a bit surprising really that this lovely place is in the middle of Toronto!

Next thing you need to know about the Lahore Tikka House is that the food is amazing. Now really, that's probably the first thing you need to know, but really, it's just amazingly good food. Served hot and with a smile.

You order on a little card full of promising delights...

Then you just sit back and wait.

G ordered a mango juice...

And I ordered a diet coke. (No pic, you know what it looks like!)

First up was a grilled paneer tikka masala.

You can't really see the paneer, but it was there and it was dellllicious!

From there, we started getting our mains. I ordered a mixed grill, which was tandoori chicken and spicy meat. It was SO spicy, it was literally burning my mouth to eat it!!!

This was such a steal. Tons of rice, tons of meat, and beautifully grilled tomatoes and peppers, giving off a subtle juice to all the flavours. I took a few close-ups...

Here's the chicken...

The chicken was covered in spices and beautifully grilled. The meat was lovely, as well...

It had some sort of a soft coating on it, really spicy, and just mouth-wateringly good. I really enjoyed every bite of this, and was stunned to see that I couldn't finish it all (even though I can finish most dinners!!!).

G ordered lamb and chicken... but I only have photos of the chicken...

It was also really spicy.

This is my first real entry into Pakistani food. To be totally honest, we've eaten here twice before, and both times we have split a couple of curries. And both times before, we got really sick. I think the food is just tooo dang spicy for two girls with stomach problems. But this is a place well worth going to. It's absolutely fantastic!

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Tatomme Flanagan said...


I am doing a feature article on Lahore Tikka House and I was wondering if I could interview you about your experience at the restaurant (regarding your feelings about the food, the employees, the cosntruction state. etc)

I hope to hear from you soon!


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