24 August 2008

Eating Lakeside.

This was the view from our dock. Just a beautiful expanse of freezing cold water. Lovely. G says it wasn't freezing cold, but to this girl, who was getting over a bitter cold, it was too cold for comfort.

But it did inspire lovely light lunches on the dock. I didn't take photos of most of them because they were just run of the mill incredibly delicious sandwiches and the like. BUT, I did take a picture of our lovely antipasto lunch...

We had bought some odds and ends at the St. Lawrence prior to heading up to the cottage, as well as a wonderful asiago cheese at the Gravenhurst farmer's market! (I was definitely glad that I had my wellies the day we went to the farmer's market. There had been an absolute killer of storm over-night and teh ground was quite muddy!) The cherry tomatoes were brilliant. The meats were lovely. The crackers crunchy. The eggplant skewer thing... grim grim grim. Blech.

For dinner, we wanted to stay away from the traditional hamburger, even though I am a hamburglar. Instead, we decided to make some beef keftas with brown rice (which I love) and fresh green beans and tomato with garlic aoili.

I even took a photo of the keftas grilling...


The keftas were spiced with some red pepper flakes, cumin, pepper, and whatnot. G made up that recipe, so I am at a loss as to what went into it. I made the brown rice which, as per usual, cooked up more like a risotto. I can't make it fluffy. It's lovely and I will eat tons of it, but it's always really creamy in consistency.

The garlic aioli was made with our very pungent Ontario garlic. I love it. Everything on our plate was local.


dynagrrl said...

G just took me to school. The rice wasn't local. Whoops!

Sally said...

Do you use a rice cooker? It makes the rice fluffy.

If not, here's a trick I learned from one of my professors who was Indian:

Put the rice and water and a little butter or oil in a saucepan, bring to a boil. Cover immediately and turn off the heat once it boils.

Put the saucepan covered into a 250 oven for 30 minutes or until done.

Very fluffy and no burned rice on the bottom!

Vickie said...


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