09 August 2008

Cottage Time.

While we have been away alot this summer, we really haven't had a vacation. Earlier in the year, when we chatted about where to go, what to do, and rattled off a list of great sounding locations, I turned to G and said, "I just want to go sit somewhere." It didn't matter to me if we sat on the beach or on the mountain, I just wanted to go somewhere and be calm.

So, we quickly decided to get ourselves a cottage. And we just happened to luck into one that is owned by a guy G works with who rents out his cottage for about two weeks a year. So we booked ourselves in and waited...and waited... and waited...

And now it's TIME!!!! We are really excited, even though the weather is supposed to be kind of crap. I have a bag of magazines (I have saved this month's Gourmet, etc) and a bag of books, and the will to just relax and sleep and forget the world for awhile.

But how is this food related?

I have planned the menu. I have scoured the magazines and the cookbooks, and we are stopping at the store tomorrow on the way to get the remaining items that we need. I am so excited!!!

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