23 August 2008

Pazzo in Stratford.

Before heading off to see 'the Music Man', we settled down for dinner at Pazzo. This is a great place for dinner. It's fast, affordable, and delicious. But a word of warning... it was also very very hot in the downstairs restaurant. It was such a relief to leave the restaurant. You can't blame it for being hot, though. The pizza ovens are running full tilt.

Anyway! We sat down and immediately settled on the antipasto plate for two. We shared it between the four of us, which was really more than enough!!!

There were all kinds of antipasto meats, cheese, a little chickpea salad, olives, mushrooms, roasted garlic (yumyumyum), pesto, zuke salad, and artichokes, I think. It was phenomenal, and really a nice way to nibble on things prior to the main course of carbs.

G and I both ordered the calzone. About two years ago (I am too lazy to look for the post), we ate at Pazzo and G declared the calzone the best she'd ever had. I had to tuck into that to see if she was right...

It was really nice. I like a bit more sauce than this one had, but otherwise, the fillings were all very fresh tasting, the crust was firm and chewy at the same time, and overall it was a very fulfilling meal.

P had the lasagna and he just raved about it...

From this picture it looks more like a salad with a side of lasagna, but no, P said the lasagna was quite filling. Both P and D are vegetarian, and this was a spinach and cheese lasagna. P raved about the fresh tasting sauce, so we all tried it, and it was really amazing. Really home-made tasting, and perfectly seasoned. I know I was totally jealous of his order!

'The Music Man' was quite fun. I've seen the movie with Robert Preston a number of times, and P really wanted to see it, so off we went. It was a lot of fun. The crowd went CRAZY though. Except for the elderly gentleman in the back who had had enough and said quite loudly, "I want to go now" or something to that effect.

The Stratford Festival is a lot of fun, especially if you like theater. We've seen some really excellent things there, and I recommend it. Plus, on the way into town, there's an excellent English foods specialty shop in Shakespeare. Go go go.

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