23 August 2008


I left out two very important parts of the KW weekend in the post that you haven't read yet because it's now under this one...

We had an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING raspberry custard pie that D bought from a bakery at the St. Jacob's Market.
Apparently, this pie is hard to find. The bakery only makes it for a couple of weeks a year, and they sell out pretty quickly. There was only one of them left, and D was telling us how amazing the pie was, and how rare it was, etc., and then G said, Why aren't we buying it then?! (She doesn't mince words!)

It was amazing. (Did I mention that?) I don't like pie all that much, but this was a definite score. I would gladly eat this again and again.

On the Sunday morning, P made waffles. P is a master waffle maker. They are the stuff of legend. So he treated us to delicious homemade waffles, and we gladly ate them up!

YUM! Thanks Guys!!!!!


David W. Nees said...

Your initials are sometimes confusing -- doesn't anyone have a name?????????

But, seriously - those plates are so groovy!


dynagrrl said...

Everyone does have a name, but not everyone gets to know their name. Ha ha! I just don't want to put people's names in case they object...


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