31 March 2007

Another Friday Night Dinner.

G's family has Friday night Shabbat pretty regularly, but as the new baby was on the way last night, G's parents asked us to join them for dinner at their favorite restaurant, Winfields. It's a place that's packed to the gills at 6:30 and completely empty at 8:30, with little bowls of jello left on all the tables. No, it's not that bad, and last night, my food was actually really goood.

G's Dad had the calamari, with special instructions to the chef to not make it to dry, but still crispy. He said it was excellent, and it certainly looked really nice...but I confess, I didn't try it. G's Dad said what made it great was that there were lots of tentacles. Mmmm.

G ventured away from the fried foods and had the prime rib dinner with roasted potatoes. Now, I don't enjoy prime rib. As a general rule, I am not all about huge slabs of red meat, but G said it was pretty good, with the grimest vegetables ever.

G's Mom also had the prime rib, and seemed to enjoy it. I had the philly cheesesteak sandwich. It came open face, too full to close, with battered french fries. Now, let me start by saying that I do not enjoy the battered french fries. Given the choice, I will always go for the stand alone tuber, but these were good because they were hot and fresh. The sandwich didn't have a ton of meat, but lots of cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions. Their bread is garlicky and delicious, and the whole combination was just what this stressed out girl needed!

Oh yeah, and there was a pickle.

For lunch on Friday, I did have a fantastic club sandwich and pasta salad from the cafeteria in my building. I don't like eating in the cafe downstairs because it means that lunch is at my desk and I don't leave the inside of the building all day, but Friday demanded it, so I had the sandwich. It was so great. The bacon was crispy, the chicken was fresh, the cheese was cheesey, the bread was toasted, a little mayo, some not fishy tasting tomato... rock it. By the end of the day, it was a total sandwich day, but I ran those carbs off this morning (ha ha).

That pic turned out pretty good! I am really trying all sorts of different things with my camera to get clearer, crisper pictures. I am monkeying around with the food mode, but it seems that regular mode with the image stabilizer is the best.

Anyway, tonight for dinner...I am making home-made mac and cheeeeeeese.

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