19 March 2007

Ahhh... it feels like a shower!

We recently attended a baby shower for G's sister-in-law who is due with her third child any second now! The food was great, and I failed with all the frivolity to take photos of most of it,
but we had to take pics of this fantastic cake...

It was so delicious. The fondant was quite thick and sweet, but it had a butter cream icing underneath, and a thoroughly fantastic white-raspberry swirl cake. It was really nice.

G made some fantastic fruit kabobs for our contribution to the cause...They were really nice, lots of fruit on sticks. Ha ha. We used this great plate that G's Mom brought us from Portugal, and most of the kabobs got eaten, though I think our niece ate about ten of them!


To continue G's line of good eats, she made this apple pie on Saturday. Let me just say that this was an excellent pie. It's G's Mom's recipe from Rhodesia, and the pastry tasted exactly like snickerdoodle cookies. We took the pie and ate it with some of G's family... not a SCRAP left! Good viddles, G.

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