26 March 2007


I forgot my lunch at home today, so the options around my office are a bit limited and I ended up at Wendy's. I allow myself the luxury of fast food once a week, so this week it hit a little early!

I had the single with cheese combo. The Wendy's next to my work is excellent. The food is always fresh, the fries are always perfect, it's just really good, and it doesn't seem as expensive as the ones in the downtown core.

Since I am still working my way around the camera, I opted to take pics despite eating by myself in a business suit in a food court.

The hamburger somehow manages to not be too greasy, but they did not heed my request for no mayo. Oh well... the sandwich was quite nice, and I enjoyed every little bite of it!

Since I had the combo, I got the aforementioned lovely fries and a drink. I love the fries container here in Canada, with the lovely little cup that sits up all on it's own. So civilized.

Plus, serving sizes in the mighty north are smaller, so that's nice too.

Ahhhh, good times.

G and I went to a public policy lecture given by Tim Flannery tonight. It was amazing, and I was really taken by many of the issues that he discussed, including stating that the environment is a moral issue, full stop. I read his book and really enjoyed it, but seeing him live really drove him how important it is to keep going. The only time that I felt the crowd really disagree with him is when he said that one available technology that we may need to use is nuclear power.

I don't like the idea of nuclear power, either, but he was saying that there are some places where cities have developed that don't have the ability for geo-thermal energy, or wind or solar power, and really will either have to shut down and migrate away, or look at some sort of non-coal alternative. That might be nuclear power. But uranium just never seems like a good alternative to me...

That being said, I highly recommend The Weather Makers. It's a really good read on the negative impact we have made on the environment. Nothing to do with food, but there it is.

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