14 March 2007

The Edge of Fifteen.

This year, the time change has seemed particularly brutal, being early and all, I suppose that makes sense. It is pitch black when I get up in the morning, and while it's nice to leave work with a shred of sunlight, the mornings are wearing me out. So, in the interest of sleepiness and not having time to upload photos, I decided to share a foodie delight from my last vacation in London.

We went to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen. Oh yeah. I had to wake up at some unholy hour like 3:30 or something to make my reservations for the trattoria, but I am so glad I did...

We were given this amazing table in the end of the top floor of Fifteen. It had this long wooden bench type booth that looked out on the whole restaurant. It was a little weird because it was right next to the bar and bread station, but we were given impeccable service, and when there was a small kitchen fire, we were far enough away to not get smoked out! Here's what it looked like last September...

I am embarrassed to say that I do not have a picture for the first course... I had the most delicious lasagnette. It was this slow cooked pork ragu with ribbons of lasagna pasta and cheese. Honestly, it was so mouth wateringly delicious, I still can think about it and get hungry!

For the second course, I had a most amazing swordfish with fried zucchini spears. It was amazing. The swordfish was firm and well cooked, the zuke was lightly fried with this aioli sauce that just knocked my socks off. Our dining companion Chris had the steak and said it was one of the best ones he had ever had.

Swordfish? Why of course!!!

For dessert, I had a creme brulee, which is one of my favourites. Oh yeah, I am so old skool. But I really do love it. It was really a wonderful experience. The price was expensive, but I have to confess totally worth it.

Now, when I was reading my favorite food magazine, Olive, last night, I saw an advertisement for 'Jamie Oliver's Beef' at one of the big groceries. Honestly. Sometimes it is a bit too far with the Jamie Oliver gestalt, but at the same time, he is probably one of the reasons why I am on this food blog quest (well, and the Girl Who Ate Everything and the Food Pornographer, both links are right over there to your left!). I had read cookbooks and was an ardent fan of Cooking Light magazine, but Jamie Oliver really upped the ante for me. I think that's probably true for a lot of us. Anyway. Olive, BBC magazine that rules the schools. Go get it.

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Tamsen said...

I am so jealous, I love Jamie Oliver (Naked Chef and Pukka Tukka my fave cooking shows of all time when they ran/run). His cookbooks I have and are decent, but never seem to match up to what he comes up with on travels.


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