22 March 2007

Mousakka and Spag

On Tuesday, we got the new CSA box. It's an excellent one... watercress, mushrooms, shallots, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, and apples!

It's a little yellow, sorry, I tried to fix it in gimp, but so far, still learning!

Anyway, last night was G's mother's birthday, and we had tickets to Phantom of the Opera. We decided to have dinner at Penelope's, a Greek restaurant right across from the theater. It was okay. I had mousakka and potatoes, and it was nice, though G's dad complained that it had cinnamon in it, though every one I have ever had has had cinnamon in it, so I am not sure why he was upset by that...

Of course, I took a pic (some of the last as *hopefully* this weekend I will get my new camera!)...

The green beans were weird. Kind of limp, but I couldn't stop eating them! They were obviously sprinkled with a little bit of crack. No time for dessert, as we were off to the Phantom. I tell ya, it has been a crashing realization to suddenly discover that I am actually not a fan of musical theater. I left with a headache from the screeching numbers where everyone sang on top of each other and no words were understood by the likes of me.

Tonight, I stayed late at work, came home for a quick run in order to squeeze a tiny bit of outside time into my day, and then made a big pot of spaghetti bolognese. We had a little bit of whole wheat linguine, and a little bit of non-whole wheat linguine, so I mixed them together. Expecting only a marginal spike in blood sugar as a result. Hee hee.

G has these great pasta bowls that we had dinner in. Yum yum.

So that's the week in food.

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