04 March 2007

Eggs Benny take 1000.

Breakfast is one of the easiest things to make at home, but I do so love to go out and have breakfast. So this morning, as I felt ready to take my first steps out of my home for the first time in days, G and I decided to stop into a local restaurant on the way to run some errands, and I as it was the first time I had eaten breakfast there, I had to order the eggs benny.

It was okay. The eggs were well cooked, the peameal was actually grilled, so it had this weird smokey flavour that was unexpected for breakfast, the sauce was only slightly lemony (a definite plus), and it had one little piece of sliced tomato on each half, so good. The potatoes were a little overly spiced, G didn't like them at all. But she had an omelet that she enjoyed...I tried my hand at a little mosaic to show y'all...

It was definitely tasty...And not terribly expensive, though I do not understand why one red rose teabag and hot water from the coffee machine in a little silver pot costs $2.25. That's crazy. But for the food seen above, the aforementioned tea, and an orange juice, we paid about $25. Made me long for a good English fry-up. Maybe it's the cloudy weather.

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