10 March 2007

The best manicotti ever... and I made it!

Today was a wonderful warmer day and I decided that I wanted to make dinner as a relaxation exercise... so of course, I had to pull out Giada's cookbook, Everyday Italian.

I jotted down the ingredients and G and I headed down to the St. Lawrence Market. We started out with a little snack... Parm on a bun...You can't resist these cheerful posters...

And it was delish! There's a place downstairs that I can't remember the name of who gets all the press for Italian sandwiches, but I have to say that I am partial to Carousel Bakery in the shopping section. You can taste every element of the sandwich, and it's so satisfying. And their gigantic for $5.

Now, we were ready for shopping. I decided to go to the fresh pasta stall.

I got sheets of fresh pasta that I could parboil and then roll with the filling inside. They had lovely sheets of spinach pasta, so I snatched them up and got a lovely container of fresh made marinara sauce.

It was so packed at the market, that it was difficult trying to navigate around the market! But we managed.

From there, we decided to get some fresh beautiful cheese. I needed ricotta, moz and parm. We had the parm at home, so there was no reason to look for that.

We went to the cheese store, which I can not remember the name of because I am like that, and bought our bounty. Look at this beautiful cheese...

Honestly, you could go cheese-wild in there. It's so fantastic.

We had to make one last stop for some ground beef. There's a great meat stall, Brown Bros. Meats, that's our go to for ground beef and chicken. Meat was purchased, and we headed home.

The recipe is really easy and straightforward. G and I couldn't believe how delicious the manicotti turned out. I think the magnificence really was a combination of the terrific ingredients and solid no fail recipe.

It was a thing of beauty straight out of the oven...

And the beautiful insides...

SWEEEET! It was so tasty. The pasta was really tender, the sauce was sweet and savory, the innards were cheesey and meaty and garlicky. It was really just a great showing all around. Good job manicotti!

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